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Our field of action

We are an association of men and woman decicated to search for social balance in Africa and in the world.

Socio-charity, Apolitic, Non-confessionnal and Non-profit organization created in May 2001 and legalized in October 2003.


Promote community health - Provide quality health care locally and at lower cost with the possibility of creating health centers in needed communities - Fight against std/aids, malaria and tuberculosis.

Palliative care.

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Education / Training

Conferences - Debates - Round tables - Awarness campagns - Continuing training - Professional training ( "Uncle Sam" Vocational Training Center).

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Preparing youth and adults to old age.
Home care for eldlery.

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Sustainable development

Cultural promotion and agropastoral activities.

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Anxious to meet certain expectations of our Christian faith as lay people in the service of the Church and motivated by canon 298 relating to the possibility of the faithful of the Catholic Church to associate to carry out the apostolate activities which animate the temporal order with a Christian spirit and in order to work to build the Body of Christ in the areas of health, education and geriatrics, we, members of the Santo Domingo-SEG association, sensitive to the many suffering of the populations, we deemed it necessary to create an association through which we will provide medical, social and spiritual services with a view to conferring on the beneficiary populations a total healing of their body and their soul as did Christ, the only master of all true healing.